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Painting on Canvas

Welcome to College Swimming Academy, where a journey that began with a personal mission has evolved into a transformative program for student-athletes navigating the intricate world of collegiate swimming and beyond. My name is Sarah Woodbury and I am the Founder and Director of CSA and Surefire Athletic Consulting. 

Painting on Canvas

My Story

My journey into the realm of collegiate coaching and athletic consulting stems from a deeply personal experience during my college swimming years. A traumatizing experience ignited a fervent desire within me to ensure that no other athlete would endure the challenges I faced in college athletics. This passion propelled me into coaching, where I dedicated five years to coaching club teams and nearly a decade coaching at the collegiate level. My dedication to the sport led to the honor of receiving the prestigious Jean Freeman Award, bestowed by the CSCAA in recognition of coaches who've made profound contributions to collegiate swimming. My experience as both an athlete and a coach has provided me with unique insights that form the bedrock of my coaching philosophy.

During my tenure coaching college teams, I witnessed a growing trend of student-athletes entering the transfer portal after determining the school they committed to was not a good fit. Frustrated by the lack of trustworthy resources available to properly guide athletes and parents through the recruiting process, I decided to create a solution. I set out to build a program that had never been done before. I would offer clarity, support, and essential communication skills to empower athletes in mastering the recruiting process. The program is a culmination of extensive research that guides athletes on a path of success and learn how to make life changing decisions. My swimmers don't make decisions based on fear and financial limitations, they take control of the recruiting process and select the school that truly fits. My program also equips athletes with technical, social, and professional skills that extend beyond the recruiting process. It's about shaping well-rounded individuals ready for the challenges beyond the pool.

For me, this work is not just a profession; it's a passion. I find immense joy in working with teams around the world, helping hundreds of athletes make one of the most crucial decisions of their lives. It's about more than just finding a college; it's about unlocking the full potential of each student-athlete and preparing them for a future filled with success.


Join me on this exciting journey at CSA where we don't just guide athletes through the recruiting process; we empower them for a lifetime of achievements.

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