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We encourage all of our clients to provide feedback about our services. If you have recently completed a program, please feel free to submit a testimonial below. We are continuously updated our programs based off of the experiences of athletes, parents, and coaches. 

When our son eventually made the choice to swim at his D1 school next year, we as parents looked back on the process and both said that we were so thankful that he had Sarah’s guidance all along the way. Choosing a place to spend the next four years is extremely stressful. At the beginning of his junior year, Sarah’s process was to first uncover what he was looking for in a school (in many categories we would have never thought of). Once he narrowed his list to a workable several, she then helped him with research about the programs.

All of that was fantastic. But, where we saw the most benefit from SureFire Athletes was the assist in what he needed to ask coaches on his phone calls, and on his official visits. Sarah had such a keen sense of what questions to ask for him to really uncover details about each program. This gave him a great basis to begin his Pros and Cons list for each school. We were all extremely impressed with her database of information about the schools, their swim programs, and details on the staffs. Sarah was accessible anytime we needed her. One Sunday morning I emailed Sarah to ask if we could speak with her on a subject matter, and she replied “I will call you in one hour”. That was  microcosm of how her communication was to our son and with us on the rare occasions we needed to talk.

We were very appreciative of her services, and can say that Sarah made this overwhelming process clearer and gave our athlete the confidence he needed to ask enough questions, and get enough answers to make the most informed decision he possibly could.

Trip and Beth Edwards

Recycled Paper

Sarah was a life savor. I contacted her so many times through my transfer experience and she was able to help me so much! She was so kind and informative! I could not have done this without her!

Phillip Endom

NuWave Swim Club

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